MyMAP motorcycle rating to reduce accidents launched

KAJANG,. Motorcycle manufacturers in the country are advised to participate in the Malaysia Motorcycle Assessment Programme (MyMAP) to raise the level of safety, thereby reducing the percentage of motorcycle accidents in Malaysia.

Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (Miros) chairman, Datuk Suret Singh said through MyMAP, the motorcycle models involved would receive a star rating depending on the assessment of the safety aspects and in accordance with the criteria set.

“We call on all manufacturers to join this programme because our vision is for all Malaysian-made ‘kapcai’ motorcycles to make the anti-lock braking system (ABS) one of the requirements (for motorcycles) in Malaysia,” he said after the launch of MyMAP yesterday.

MyMAP is a programme organised by Miros in collaboration with the Malaysian Institute of Automotive, Robotics and IoT (MARii).

He said the four criteria that would be evaluated for a motorcycle model for the rating were compliance with the rules of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (Unece), comformity of production (COP), safety feature technology and support programmes.

Meanwhile, Miros director-general Dr Khairil Anwar Abu Kassim said the star rating for a model would take a month and the rating could drop if there were no ABS components on the motorcycle.

“The main feature of a safe motorcycle is to have ABS. Five stars is the best rating. We hope that one day, all motorcycles will be equipped with ABS. With the help of technology such as ABS, we can reduce the number of deaths involving motorcyclists,” he said.

The launch of MyMAP yesterday also saw the SYM VF3I 185 motorcycle, manufactured by Mforce and equipped with ABS, become the first model to be awarded a five-star rating through the programme.

— Bernama


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