Multiple blasts were heard across Afghanistan’s capital Kabul on Wednesday, TOLO News reported. Details pertaining to the nature or the target of the blasts or who was responsible for it remained unclear as neither Taliban nor security officials have commented. The explosions come days after a bombing near a checkpoint at the Afghan capital’s military airport killed and wounded several people.

Interior Ministry spokesman Abdul Nafi Takor on Sunday said that “several” people died and were wounded in the blasts, but did not give exact figures or further information about the bombing. He said that details of the investigation will be shared later.

The fortified military airport is around 200 metres from the civilian airport and close to the Interior Ministry, which was the target of a suicide bombing last October that killed at least four people.

The regional affiliate of the Islamic State group —the Islamic State in Khorasan Province (IS-K)—claimed responsibility for the attack near the checkpoint.

Afghanistan: 8 killed in explosion outside military airport in Kabul

In a statement late Tuesday, the IS that Sunday’s attack on the checkpoint in Kabul was carried out by the same member who took part in an assault on a hotel in the capital in mid-December.

The terror outfit published a photo of the attacker identifying him as Abdul Jabbar. It claimed that he withdrew safely from the attack on the hotel after he ran out of ammunition.

It added that he detonated his explosives-laden vest targeting the soldiers gathered at the checkpoint.

The IS-K is the most extreme and violent of all the jihadist militant groups in Afghanistan. It was set up in January 2015 at the height of IS’s power in Iraq and Syria, before its self-declared caliphate was defeated and dismantled by a US-led coalition.

The terror outfit recruits jihadists mostly from Afghanistan and Pakistan, especially the defecting members of the Afghan Taliban who don’t see their own organisation as extreme enough.

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