MORE COVID INSANITY: Virginia Pays Monitors to Sit in Classrooms While Teachers Teach from Home


By Joe Hoft

Published February 18, 2021 at 7:45am

The world has truly gone mad.  

The possibility of a child dying from the China Coronavirus (COVID) is almost nil.  Children are more likely to die from drowning than from COVID:

More Children Die from Car Crashes and Drowning Each Year than Coronavirus — But Teachers Want to Keep Schools Closed

The same goes for college-age students.  They are ten times more likely to die from alcohol-related deaths than from COVID:

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Perspective: There are 10 Times as Many Alcohol-Related Deaths as Coronavirus Deaths in College-Age Kids in America

Twitchy reported:

A couple of weeks ago, Twitchy reported that Fairfax County, Virginia schools were looking for “monitors” to watch kids in a classroom while fully vaccinated teachers taught from home. Drew Wilder of NBC Washington reports that some students returned to the classroom Tuesday but were still learning virtually.

Some students returned to the classroom today in Fairfax County. These students at Annandale HS are in the building but still learning virtually. Each is in a different class with a different teacher who is teaching from home. One of FCPS’ new class monitors is in the room. pic.twitter.com/cDrm7wgDAh

— Drew Wilder (@DrewWilderTV) February 16, 2021

Some parents and local citizens were calling out the insanity:

Don’t let anyone tell you @APSVirginia middle and high schoolers are just fine or they are all thriving. They are not.

👇 pic.twitter.com/RGyKkFfGBg

— Arlington Parents for Education (@ArlParentsforEd) February 17, 2021

Those in charge of the schools in this country are insane.

“Parents mostly wrote about their children, who are depressed in the isolation of remote learning. We read email after email from parents who said their kids are angry, lonely, agoraphobic, listless, sedentary, disconnected from friends, apathetic about school…” #saferatschool https://t.co/CGqvTPWRhy

— Arlington Parents for Education (@ArlParentsforEd) February 17, 2021

This is all done in reaction to an overpublicized virus that is less deadly for children than drowning.  Insane.


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