Montblanc’s Grand Tribute To The Great Wall Of China Is Seen Through This Limited-Edition Bejewelled Pen

Montblanc’s writing instrument tribute to the Great Wall of China is led by the High Artistry Tribute to the Great Wall Limited Edition 1 Imperial (€1.95 million or about RM9.6 million) and yes, it is a unique piece. Its undulating silhouette plays canvas to a landscape inspired by Ming dynasty artwork, depicting a dragon snaking around the solid gold cap and barrel, winding between a rainbow of pave sapphire, rubies, tourmalines and diamonds. This is topped by a truly exceptional feature, especially for a pen: it houses a miniature music box at the top of the barrel, meant as a homage to the chime bell instruments of the royal courts of the past.

Lest the writing be forgot: the curved calligraphy nib produces a line that varies in thickness depending on the angle the pen is held. A practiced hand will be able to use it produce brush-like strokes that recall the sort used in traditional Chinese calligraphy. The gold nib showcases a new decorative technology for Montblanc, adorned as it is with a three-dimensional relief of the Great Wall.


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