Millennials, do you know what ‘wokefishing’ is?

Ladies and gents, here’s a new term you should know about.

Ever heard of “wokefishing”? This pick-up technique involves talking up certain political beliefs or social opinions in the aim of seducing a potential partner … except that it’s all just bluff.

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Who hasn’t cheated just a tiny bit when trying to seduce someone? Like that extra little line added to your CV,  “wokefishing” can boost your potential desirability to prospective partners. So when a romantic hopeful tells you that they’re vegan, that they only wear clothes made from ethically sourced materials, or that they’re a firm believer in closing the gender pay gap, then watch out, because you could be dealing with a “wokefisher” — someone who lies about their political persuasions or social beliefs in the hope of appearing more attractive to potential partners.

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“Ethically sourced oat milk”

The term — which combines “woke” (being aware of and actively attentive to important facts and issues) and “fishing” — was coined by a journalist from US media outlet Vice. In her article, Serena Smith explains how this technique has gradually taken hold among the Millennial generation, for those who share the same beliefs and convictions is important for relationship success.

“A wokefish may at first present themselves as a protest-attending, sex-positive, anti-racist, intersectional feminist who drinks ethically sourced oat milk and has read the back catalogue of Audre Lorde twice. But in reality, they don’t give a shit. Or, as is often the case, they are acting the opposite in their personal lives,” explains the journalist.

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Shared beliefs: the key to relationship success?

According to a 2017 IFOP survey of French voters, Millennials aren’t the only ones who prefer partners with shared political opinions. In fact, 85% of people polled in the survey already had the same political opinions before coupling up. In other words, people tend to form relationships with people like themselves, or who share the same values.

Wokefishing is similar to “catfishing,” which involves posing as someone else online by changing your age, gender or lying about your physical appearance. But when it comes to love, authenticity is surely the best way.

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