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Micron Technology is reportedly close to starting mass production of a 5th-generation 10-nm (1b or 12-nm to 13-nm) DRAMs.

Micron Technology has recently sent samples of a low-power dual data rate 5X (LPDDR5X) prototype based on a 5th-generation 10-nm (1b or 12-nm to 13-nm) process to major smartphone manufacturers.

Micron did not disclose the specifications of the new product, but said that it has improved power efficiency by 15 percent and the number of bits stored per area by 35 percent compared to the previous version.

Samsung Electronics, SK Hynix, and Micron control more than 90 percent of the global DRAM market. According to market research firm Omdia, Samsung Electronics ranked first with a 43.3 percent share in the second quarter, followed by SK Hynix and Micron with 28.1 percent and 23.6 percent, respectively.

In January of last year, Micron started mass-production of 4th-generation 1a DRAMs ahead of Samsung Electronics. It announced the development of the industry’s first 176-layer NAND flash at the end of 2020, when Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix were focusing on 128-layer NAND flashes.

Micron already announced in May that it would start mass production of 1b DRAMs within 2022. Considering that Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix are planning to mass-produce 1b DRAM products at the beginning of next year, Micron is highly likely to become the first to mass-produce 1b DRAMs.

Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix apply EUV lithography to 1a DRAM products, but Micron is expected to continue to use argon fluoride laser to the production of 1b DRAMs. It is planning to apply an EUV process beginning from 6th-generation 10-nm chips.

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