Mercedes-AMG’s Hybrid Car Is Really Loud, will.i.am Guarantees It

If you’re going to get a spokesperson to demonstrate the volume of your electric car, you could do a lot worse than the guy who makes speakers go nuclear. So, when will.i.am and his futuristic sunglasses reiterate that Mercedes-AMG’s GT 63 S E-Performance is especially powerful, it’s probably worth taking him up on it.

will.i.am’s campaign for the car, “Everything But Quiet,” is a pretty novel push against the conceit that electric cars are lightweight, pushover cars. I mean, I prefer whisper-quiet rides, myself, but Mercedes-AMG has a powerhouse reputation to uphold.

This new four-door coupé is an extension of the existing Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S, upgraded with what Mercedes-AMG describes as “technology from Formula 1” and a performance-hybrid engine. Needless to say, it’s as high-end as this market gets but Mercedes-AMG wants to make it clear that this car is as dominant as it is green.

“Cars are my passion, especially those from AMG,” said will.i.am “I love to improve an existing product, to push the limits and to fuse things that were never supposed to go together, that’s hip hop — the house I was born in. And that’s what drives me. I am honored to be part of AMG’s journey into the future of fantastic hybrid high-performance driving.”

Even given his passion for transformative (and occasionally controversial) tech — from his I.AM+ company to earbuds — a co-sign from will.i.am may seem pretty left-field.

But, really, this is yet another pop culture push forward for Mercedes, which has sought alignment with tastemakers like Virgil Abloh and Heron Preston in recent years to further reposition its brand.

“We’re delighted to work together with will.i.am as brand ambassador and family member for our journey into the new era of electrified driving performance,” said Philipp Schiemer, CEO of Mercedes-AMG GmbH. “He’s the perfect partner for Mercedes-AMG. Because he’s not just a car guy, he also carries the same DNA as we do: always going one step further, innovating with passion and pushing boundaries to achieve new goals.”

Just look at will.i.am’s zipped-up bomber jacket — he ain’t messin’ around, as the “Everything But Quiet” video and single will presumably make clear when they launch September 10.


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