Mediacorp remains top radio network in Singapore, reaching 88% of adult listeners weekly

SINGAPORE: Mediacorp remains the top radio network in Singapore, with a reach of 3.7 million people weekly, the company said in a media release on Friday (Dec 17).

According to the latest Nielsen Radio Survey, the company recorded a jump of 8.8 per cent in listenership to reach 3.7 million people weekly.

This represents 88 per cent of total adults, with close to 13 hours of engagement recorded every week. 

“Its free-to-air radio stations also command 85 per cent of the radio market share, an increase of 5.1 per cent compared to 2020, further improving its lead over its competitors,” said Mediacorp. 

The company’s digital radio stations also saw more listeners tuning in digitally, with an overall 50 per cent increase in digital listenership, bringing the total to more than 1.5 million listeners or nine in 10 digital listeners weekly. 

The survey was conducted from August to October 2021, which tracked radio listenership via diary recordings by more than 2,000 respondents aged 15 and above, with the results weighted by age, sex and race to be representative of the Singapore population.


Of the top 10 stations in Singapore, Mediacorp radio stations occupy eight spots, including the top six positions. 

Chinese radio station LOVE 972 came in first, with a record of 1,007,000 listeners or 24 per cent of weekly listenership. The station gained a “survey-high” of 158,000 additional listeners. 

YES 933 came in at a close second, with 22.3 per cent of weekly listenership or 934,000 listeners. The station also saw an increase of 28,000 listeners from the previous survey. 

It also recorded the highest jump in audience engagement, almost two hours, among all stations surveyed, with listeners tuning in for eight hours and 42 minutes weekly.

In addition, the station has the highest reach among the following audience segments – adults aged between 25 and 34, as well as professionals, managers, executives and businessmen. 

CLASS 95 and CAPITAL 958 came in third and fourth place, with 17.1 per cent of weekly listenership and 16.1 per cent respectively.

CAPITAL 958 also recorded an improvement in audience share and is the Chinese station with the highest engagement rate, with listeners tuning in for 13 hours and 22 minutes weekly. 

Malay radio station Warna 942 came in fifth this year. It saw an increase of 35,000 listeners to reach 505,000 or 12 per cent of weekly listenership. 

GOLD 905 came in sixth, with an increase of 21,000 listeners to hit 494,000 listeners or 11.8 per cent of weekly listenership. 

The remaining Mediacorp radio stations in the top 10 are: 987 (eighth) and Oli 968 (ninth). Oli 968 also clocked the second-highest increase of 106,000 listeners to reach 330,000 or 7.9 per cent of weekly listenership.

Classical music station Symphony 924 saw an increase of 84,000 listeners to 217,000. English news station CNA938 also increased its reach by 41,000 listeners to a total of 258,000. 


Mediacorp’s digital radio network reported a 50 per cent jump in listenership year-on-year, bringing the total of more than 1.5 million listeners.

“This translates to a reach of nine in 10 digital listeners, with more than nine hours of weekly engagement. 

“This is a result of the suite of digital offerings Mediacorp has rolled out, such as enhancements to its meLISTEN platform, and ramping up the variety of digital audio content, including podcasts,” said the company. 

Recently, Mediacorp has also launched indiego, a new digital station featuring the latest indie hits and more homegrown music from local talents, to add to the variety of audio content on its digital audio service, meLISTEN. 

meLISTEN saw a growth of 11 per cent this year in the monthly average unique visitors to reach 621,900 listeners.

For podcast content, downloads rose 106 per cent to reach a total of 729,100 average downloads monthly. It also saw a growth of 102,000 monthly average listeners to reach 269,000 listeners as compared to 2020. 

“Once again, the findings from the latest Nielsen survey reflect our commitment and dedication to engaging our consumers with quality content that they love – both in news and entertainment,” Mediacorp’s chief executive officer Tham Loke Kheng said.

“We are honoured to be the top radio network in Singapore … and heartened to know that we are the top audio choice for all major demographic segments in Singapore.”

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