Macramé is making a comeback and we’re down for it

Known to be 1970s staple decor, long considered old-fashioned, and even relegated to oblivion for decades: macramé makes a comeback.

Wall hangings, headboards, coasters… While the weaving technique was all the rage in the hippie ear, macramé pretty much completely disappeared from the radar, along with the dial phone and the audio cassette.

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Now, these symmetrically intertwined strings and their knots are turning up in a variety of places. Whether in small touches in the bedroom or in the living room, we even saw it in the flash of an eye during the last Chanel fashion show. It’s a trend we’re keen to adopt, but not just anyhow.

Weaving the trend into living room decor

On coffee tables, macramé shows up as coasters or as a set or a table runner on dining room tables. Independent designers have created circular and rectangular styles with fringe that can be seen at MamaJaStudio and JogloLiving on Etsy.

For a more original take on the trend, it hangs and is wrapped around a light fixture for an effect that is both unexpected and poetic. Or else, it takes on the air of contemporary art, as with the designer Windy Chien.

In the form of a hanging basket, it accentuates the urban jungle touch by holding indoor plants.

We also like how it looks on household linen, like cushions or curtains seen at La Redoute, for example. A little touch of softness and a breath of fresh air while we wait for spring.

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