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LG Innotek has developed two types of high-performance hybrid lens for autonomous driving.

LG Innotek announced on Dec. 7 that it has developed two types of high-performance hybrid lens for autonomous driving. This product uses a plastic lens to reduce size and increase price competitiveness.

In general, a camera lens for autonomous driving is a part directly related to the safety of passengers and is mounted on a camera module. It is a key part of autonomous driving solutions for driving assistance and driver movement recognition. Demand for camera lenses for autonomous driving is on the steep rise, both domestically and globally. In Europe, experts recommend that all vehicles be equipped with the driver monitoring system (DMS) after 2025.

There are two high-performance hybrid lenses for the DMSs and the advanced driver assistance system (ADAS). They show more powerful performances by cross-applying thin plastic and glass inside them. Existing lenses for autonomous driving are made only of glass not deformed by temperature or external force. In particular, LG Innotek is the first company to realize high performances by applying plastic to ADAS lenses.

LG Innotek decreased the size of the high-performance hybrid lens for autonomous driving and improved performance and price competitiveness by using plastic. Its high-performance hybrid lens is 20 to 30 percent less thick than full-glass products. A decrease in the lens’ thickness significantly facilitated the design of the interior and exterior of a vehicle.

The high-performance hybrid lens maintains constant performance regardless of temperature and can accurately recognize objects. Plastics vary in performance and shape depending on heat and pressure. Plastic which expands and contracts is less stable than glass, which makes it difficult to make a solid lens with plastic. For this reason, it was a big challenge to introduce plastic into automotive lenses that prioritize safety. This is because vehicle parts must maintain their performance in various driving environments such as deserts, severe cold and extreme heat.




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