Les Amis Group to showcase hawker culture at their new Cluny Food Court

The humble hawker scene will soon get a boost with Les Amis Group’s new Cluny Food Court, which aims to highlight their culture through an affordable and convenient dining destination.

Launching early November at Botanic Gardens, the concept wants to be a platform for aspiring “hawkerpreneurs” to showcase their craft in an all-day casual setting.

Five food brands serving local and international fare will be part of the launch, including wanton noodles specialist Lai Fa Ba and congee from Mui Kee.

Others include Project Penyet by Ansar, an already well-known joint at ABC Brickworks Market & Food Centre that serves up sinfully crispy fried chicken over a fluffy mound of rice, with a dollop of fiery chilli.

(Image credit: S’MAO BBQ)

Meanwhile, S’Mao Barbecue, which a once held a two-month long pop-up at Casa Verde will showcase its flair for Texas-style smoked meats with the time-honoured tradition of low and slow smoking technique. If the pop-up was anything to go by, expect Prime cuts such as USDA Angus short ribs and Duroc pork belly that are expertly smoked to achieve unparalleled tenderness and incredible flavours. The prime cuts were also simply seasoned with salt and coarse black pepper to bring out the meat’s natural flavours.

Other stalls include Italian Piccante Pronto, a modern pizza concept by Peperoni Pizzeria that’s spearheaded by a Muslim chef who has had extensive training in Italian Cuisine.

Watch this space for more updates on Les Amis’ Cluny Food Court.


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