Laos to Return to Miss Universe 2021 Pageant

Miss Universe Laos

Laos is to hold its third edition of the Miss Universe Laos pageant this year, with the winner to be crowned this month.

According to a new official Facebook page for the Miss Universe Laos organization, 27-year-old Miss Universe Laos 2020 Christina Lasasimma will crown her successor on 31 October.

In 2020, no national pageant was held due to the Covid-19 pandemic, with Christina appointed as the titleholder by default.

Now, 32 candidates will compete for the title of Miss Universe Laos 2021 at a national pageant to be held in Vientiane Capital.

The candidates are:

  1. “Kitty” Patthana Outthayoth, 21
  2. Ahong Sengdala, 25
  3. Linkham Chisyayer, 20
  4. Neevanh Touvykue, 25
  5. “Noy” Khempeth Chittavong, 21
  6. “Aingaing” Soukanya Soulivong, 24
  7. Cost Souvannachak, 19
  8. “Vanh” Budseng Vongchanthum, 18
  9. “Anna” Phetsouda Vannapha, 21
  10. Kin Phommavong, 19
  11. “Toukta” Meena Chittakone, 23
  12. Ngern Sombundit, 20
  13. “Paeng” Phavida Phunsavanh, 21
  14. Nitsa Panyasavath, 20
  15. “Pee” Phatthana Khanthamala, 24
  16. “Kee” Manida Nenhouangmala, 26
  17. “Kat” Chansouda Lathsavanh, 20
  18. “Tatar” Vilaphone Visane, 21
  19. “Patty” Sounida Lounthapanya, 20
  20. “Namfon” Vilaivan Sengaloun, 21
  21. “Jernnie” Leechern Xayyalarth, 19
  22. “Nok” Nokkeo Houghnakone, 25
  23. “Anny” Phitsamai Phonesanith, 19
  24. “Mo” Soukphaphone Thepsakmouang, 23
  25. “Faiy” Siliyaphone Xaphilom, 24
  26. “Paeng” Phonesili Phounsawath, 22
  27. “Lae” Palamy Santhany, 20
  28. “Jing” Phouvao Vilaithong, 18
  29. “Tik” Thidasavanh Sivongxay, 25
  30. Nafia Thipphonephosy, 21
  31. “Dabee” Alisa Sonethavizai, 22
  32. “Lar” Larzoy Saiyalard, 21

The Miss Universe Organization announced in August this year that it would not send a representative to participate in the 70th Miss Universe pageant in 2021, which will be held in Israel in December.

However, while no new announcement has been made by the organization, it appears that preparations may be underway for a last-minute effort to send a representative after the new candidate is selected.

The 70th edition of the Miss Universe global pageant will be held in December in the southern resort city of Eilat, Israel, where the current Miss Universe, Mexico’s Andrea Meza, will crown her successor.


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