JustCo Receives Investment of US$74 Million from Daito Trust to Expand into Asia Pacific and the Japanese Market

SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 20 August 2021 – JustCo recently received a total of US$74 million from Daito Trust with the aim of further expanding into the Asia Pacific and Japanese market. In January 2022, JustCo plans to open Japan’s first coworking center in Shibuya Hinkarie. 

Recently, in addition to promoting telecommuting in companies, freelance and flexible remote work is attracting attention. Along with this, the number of coworking spaces is increasing as a place where you can work comfortably outside of your home or work office. JustCo, which manages coworking spaces in Tokyo, has attracted attention as one of them.

In addition, JustCo plans to expand its business further in Japan and Asia as demand for coworking spaces increases rapidly due to the covid-19 pandemic from 2020 onwards.

About JustCo

JustCo is a global company that offers coworking space, private office space, meeting rooms leasing and event space rental.

JustCo offers several flexible coworking spaces for freelancers and businesses a long way. In addition to a working desk designed to allow individuals to focus, there is also a meeting room for meeting clients and training new hires, as well as an event space for networking.

Recently, the stress of working from home is becoming a problem for companies. By using such a coworking space, it is possible to promote communication and improve the working environment of employees.

JustCo offers one-day, one-month to unlimited plans, so you can choose the plan that best suits your work style. JustCo also offers a 5-day free trial to experience our stylish workspace, spacious facilities and soak in the beautiful city views of Tokyo Tower before committing.

Coworking space in Tokyo

JustCo’s current coworking space is in Tokyo’s business district, with many companies located.

JustCo Management | Coworking & Shared Office Space at Toranomon Gate

Toranomon Office is located in the city center, so it is attractive that it has excellent access. With unlimited plans, you’re free to use the coworking space whenever you want.

JustCo plans to increase its offices in Japan from 2022 onwards with Shibuya Hinkarie being upcoming.



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