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Text by Bérénice Geoffroy-Schneiter

Dive into the world of gold in this latest book GOLD The Impossible Collection, published by luxury book publisher extraordinaire ASSOULINE.

The allure of gold is undeniable. This precious metal has inspired countless fantasies and beliefs since the beginning of time.  Gold has always infused any human endeavour with a divine spark.

GOLD Clamshell 3D FRONT 1The hypnotic effect of metal’s dazzling presence is universal, and it remains the ultimate representation of luxury. Gold was regarded by the ancient Egyptians as “the flesh of the gods,” the mirror of the sun—the creator of all life on Earth and the keeper of cosmic order.

GOLD The Impossible Collection, takes you on an in-depth exploration of the precious metal and historical use of it in life and art shaped by beliefs and culture, each page filled with captive words and wonderful photographs that beautifully illustrate the text and showcase gold and its use over the course of time.

2 © DEA Picture Library Getty images
©-DEA Picture Library Getty images

Explore 100 Rarest and Precious Treasures

In this beautifully handcrafted Ultimate Collection volume features 100 of the rarest and most precious treasures marrying natural splendour and human craftsmanship, from amazingly detailed artefacts of ancient global civilizations to surprising modern creations by artists Man Ray, Hu Qin, and Chris Burden, with insightful texts by art historian Bérénice Geoffroy-Schneiter.

10 © Laziz Hamani
© Laziz Hamani

A moment of time is an ounce of gold, but a moment of time cannot be purchased for an ounce of gold.

—Chinese proverb

Universal Awe

What accounts for such enduring and universal awe? Gold is the ideal medium for representing both visible and invisible forces due to its irresistible radiance and remarkable tenacity. From Gustav Klimt to Andy Warhol and Yves Klein, artists have extolled its metaphysical and fantastic qualities.

Symbol of Power and Victory

The ancient Egyptians revered gold as “the flesh of the gods,. Gold is a symbol of power and immortality in many ancient cultures, and the ancient Egyptians, and later the Romans, were eager gold miners. Not only is gold used to make the most spectacular and precious jewellery, but it also has strong connotations of status, politics, religion, and spirituality, and it played an important role in the development of ancient Egypt.

Louis XIV, the Sun King, transformed Versailles into a palace bathed in gold and light, setting a precedent for all other royal courts of old Europe. It gives the new gods of awards podiums and sports stadiums a glowing aura as a symbol of victory.

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Alnum Alamy Stock Photo

About the Author

Bérénice Geoffroy-Schneiter is an art historian and journalist who regularly contributes to art publications such as Beaux-Arts, L’OEil, L’Objet d’art, Le Journal des arts, and Connaissance des arts. She has written numerous books on primitive arts and the art of adornment, and she curated the exhibition Voyage dans ma tête: Antoine de Galbert’s Collection of Ethnic Hairstyles at the Maison Rouge in Paris in 2010. She has co-authored several books with Assouline, including Ethnic Style (2001), the two-volume Primal Arts (2006), “The Panther in Art” for Cartier: Panthère (2015), and Les Mondes de Chaumet (2016). (2018).

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©-Dan Kitwood Getty Images

Special Limited Edition

The book is also available in a limited edition handcrafted volume housed in a luxurious gold-leaf covered case with a clear sliding lid infused with gold flakes.

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