Introducing Hermetica, a Luxurious, Clean and Sustainable Perfume

It all began with a secret, one about creating the perfect scent…

Hermetica is a collection of clean fragrances founded by Clara & John Molloy that is inspired by the ancient Florentine practice of alchemy. Applying its practices to modern-day perfumery, Hermetica is based on the belief that finding the perfect fragrance relies on the connection between the precious molecules within a fragrance and one’s skin. It took the couple more than two years to create this formula, thanks to an intense collaboration between Clara and the senior perfumers Aliénor Massenet and Philippe Paparella.

“Hermetica represents a new approach in the making of fragrances that combines nature and chemistry. Powerful scents, gentle on the skin, respectful of the environment, mixing history and modernity,” said Clara.

In their quest for the ultimate fragrance elixir, Clara and John decided to create a revolutionary collection by using a combination of the best form nature and molecules when chosen instead of a natural counterpart to preserve it. This was a conscious step towards making sustainable and green fragrance creation possible.

These hybrid formulas were developed using a unique patented technology, a worldwide first in the fragrance industry. The formulas immediately reveal the heart of the fragrance and mainly use green chemistry. The product range includes 14 unique fragrances, 13 within four collections, namely Dry Waters, Emerald Stairways, The Door and Vertical Ambers plus the Source1 – a standalone fragrance that can be layered with any other fragrance to give them a modern and vibrant twist.

Each Hermetica perfume is alcohol-free and presented in an elegant emerald green lacquered bottle with a golden metallic cap debossed with the Hermetica logo. The bottle is housed inside a golden perforated cylinder reminiscent of the molecule that carries the fragrance to your nose. Each bottle is also made from recycled glass and sand that is locally sourced to reduce the brand’s carbon footprint; they’re refillable and reusable.

Discover Hermetica’s complete collection at www.cnfstore.com and C&F stores.


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