Top govt official allegedly humiliates senior enforcer over unmanned VIP counter

KUALA LUMPUR – The Immigration Services Union of Peninsular Malaysia has demanded an open apology from the Public Services Department’s director-general (DG) over the latter’s alleged outburst against an immigration officer at an airport counter this morning.

Union president Khairil Niza Khairuddin said the union was “baffled” by the incident, which has tainted the reputation of the country’s public service.

He said the DG, as a top leader, should not act beyond his capacity, which includes uttering harsh words against an officer on duty.

Khairil said the union representing 14,000 Immigration officers is disappointed with the action of a senior official who holds one of the highest portfolios in the civil service.

“He (the DG) cannot act untowardly and unprofessionally just because an immigration officer was not manning a VIP counter at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA),” Khairil said in a statement this evening, as quoted by The Vibes’ Bahasa Malaysia sister publication Getaran.

Khairil alleged that the incident, which occurred at about 8.40am in KLIA’s departure hall, saw the KLIA Immigration head of operations being harshly scolded in the presence of members of the public.

He said the action showed a lack of respect for the public service.

“Immigration officers are not stationed at VIP rooms for all 24 hours of the day as the need to service normal counters is more urgent, compared to a VIP room which only opens as and when needed with prior notice,” Khairul said.

He added that the DG’s actions were “highly selfish” in seeking VVIP treatment.

“The unprofessional actions of a high-ranking government official and the words uttered in front of the public and other Immigration staff are ill-mannered.”

Khairil added that the actions also showed the DG “is unfit to hold the post”.

Meanwhile, the Immigrations Enforcers Association president Supiani Sibin said the association has always supported the Immigration Department led by its DG Datuk Seri Khairul Dzaimee Daud.

Supiani said the association believes that the Immigrations Department acts according to its principles despite facing challenges in maintaining the security of the country.

“The incident involving a senior immigration officer who was on duty at the KLIA Immigration office yesterday will not weaken the morale of all officers and staff,” Supiani said in a statement.

“In fact, we will always carry out our duties because (national) security is a shared responsibility,” he said.

source – The Vibes

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