Hunter Schafer is the Face of Prada The Galleria 2021

Prada presented The Galleria 2021 handbag video campaign by filmmaker Xavier Dolan and featuring Euphoria star Hunter Schafer

The luxury fashion house has tapped the breakout star as the new face for The Galleria Bag. Schafer stars as the ever-dreamy, manic pixie It-girl plays dress-up by herself in playful Prada for the mini film by director Xavier Dolan and creative director Ferdinando Verderi. The film is a minute-long exploration of curiosity and a revisiting of hope to create a new lens through which the audience can view The Galleria bag.

“Embracing the codes and tropes inherent to the world of fashion, the film has a purity, a naivety joy,” a release from Prada reads, as quoted in i-D. “Schafer is our heroine — a romantic, a young girl imagining her place within her different fantasies,” with The Galleria as the constant object of her dreams throughout.

Prada’s neo-classic The Galleria bag was created in 2007, and was named after the brand’s historic flagship in Milan, the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, which houses the boutique where the brand was founded by Mario Prada, Miuccia’s grandfather, in 1913. The Galleria bag references classic styles of the past and reimagines them for the future. In the new campaign, The Galleria bag, as envisioned by Schafer and Dolan, is reinvented, reimagined and reinvigorated – always and never the same.


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