Hundreds of Thai women forced into prostitution in Myanmar

There are almost 300 Thai women who have been allegedly forced into prostitution at a casino near the Thai-Myanmar border in Tak province. The story has emerged from a 25 year old escaped victim who wished to remain anonymous.

A social media ‘influencer’ did a livestream earlier this year, inviting ladies to apply for public relations and entertainment roles for businesses near Thailand’s border. The influencer had said that the jobs had nothing to do with sex.

The woman, and around 300 other women, accepted the jobs, but once arrived at the casino in Myawaddy, the tables turned and she was told she must pay 25,000 baht unless she becomes a sex worker.

The woman was able to escape and was searching for help in the early April. She was found around 400 metres from the Moei River, which divides Myanmar and Thailand, according a Survive Network representative, Ekapop Lueangprasert.

She and another Thai woman managed to flee from the casino late at night while Burmese soldiers were changing posts. Before Burmese soldiers were able to catch the ‘escapees’, the victims rushed to the Thai border yelling to be rescued by Thai soldiers. The Thai troops told them to swim across the river and were then able to rescue them.

The police are still questioning the victim before taking further action, according to the commander of the Anti Trafficking in Person Division, Major General Wiwat Khamchamnan.

The Burmese border town of Tachilek, just over the Thai border from Chiang Rai province, is another border area where illegal casinos and upscale brothels have been allowed to proliferate, mostly serving Burmese military personnel.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post


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