Huawei is unveiling its newest foldable smartphone this month

Huawei has revealed plans to unveil its latest foldable smartphone, the Mate X2, February 22.

After the Mate X in 2019 and the Mate Xs in 2020, the Mate X2 is due to land in 2021.

huawei mate x2

It was on the Chinese social network Weibo that Huawei revealed the name of its new handset, the X2, suggesting a new generation of its product rather than a simple facelift of the Xs. The handset is lined up as a rival for the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 with — unlike the Mate X and Mate Xs — the folding screen located on the inside rather than the outside of the device.

In light of US sanctions and Huawei currently being unable to use Google services in its latest model, this smartphone may, in the end, be reserved for the Asian market. Find out more Monday, February 22.

This article is published via AFP Relaxnews. 


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