How to score Virgil Abloh’s “LV Comics Earrings” in Singapore

By now, you would’ve known that Virgil Abloh’s a big fan of travel and architecture.

So much so that his creations have always revolved around either or both in one way or the other. Which brings us to this trio of earrings that just dropped as part of Louis Vuitton’s FW21 “Ebonics / Snake Oil / The Black Box / Mirror, Mirror” collection.

Titled LV Comics Earrings, this set of rather odd but definitely collectible accessories are directly inspired by his two passions, and will include an LV initials, an airplane embossed with the Monogram Flower motif, and a hammer that hangs from another monogram motif.

Sold in a mix of gold and silver, these polished earrings will be one of the best ways to flex the mismatched earrings trend this season; pair them with any one of the season’s latest sneakers and you’ll be good to go on the streetwear front.

The LV Comics Earrings will retail at S$715 here but will probably sell out fast, so you’ll want to act quickly. If you didn’t land them there, you’ll find them on StockX here, otherwise keep an eye out for a restock (fingers crossed) on Louis Vuitton’s online store.


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