How can Dmall help 7-Eleven South China to achieve digital transformation?

With the development of the digital economy, digital transformation has not only become the inherent demand driven by the characteristics of the retail industry, but also a recognised trend of the retail industry. 

In the convenience store industry, 7-Eleven has always been a benchmark. For instance, in Guangdong, China, with years of operational experience and supply chain advantages, 7-Eleven has nearly 1500 stores in the region, making it a well-deserved leader in the industry. 

However, a company like 7-Eleven also faces many challenges – evolving consumer behaviour, rising rental and labour costs, higher requirements on the efficiency of the supply chain, which needs to improve in-store productivity and labour efficiency, optimise supply chain performance, and reduce labour and other costs. 

The previous system of 7-Eleven South China has been used for more than 20 years, and the different modules are separated from each other. To adapt to the existing market changes, 7-Eleven South China needs a new system that keeps pace with the times. 

Digital transformation on multiple levels

Since October 2020, Dmall has improved and upgraded 7-Eleven South China on multiple levels through its deep understanding and rich practical experience of the retail industry. 

Based on the original services, Dmall launched Dmall Integrated Retail Cloud for all stores and three distribution centres of 7-Eleven South China, enabling the latter to realise the full-process and all-factor digitalisation from consumers, stores, supply chains, franchisees, warehousing, and logistics to headquarters management. 

Firstly, store management level: all employees of 7-Eleven South China install a platform APP on their phones to realize the mobilisation and paperlessness of staff operations and store management. 

Secondly, omnichannel management level: the Omnichannel Middle Platform of Dmall Integrated Retail Cloud enables 7-Eleven South China to connect with many third-party platforms at the same time, to realise the real-time synchronisation of the product information, inventory, and marketing. 

Thirdly, membership management level: 7-Eleven South China has upgraded and created a new membership system. For different types of members, it does omnichannel refined management. 

Fourthly, supply chain management level: three distribution centres of 7-Eleven South China have increased their sorting efficiency by 30 per cent, after the launch of the Smart Warehousing and Logistics Management System of Dmall Integrated Retail Cloud. 

Fifthly, franchisee management level: Dmall has customised the franchisee system module for 7-Eleven South China, enabling franchisees to manage stores online in the mobile terminal system. 

A digital future 

On September 23, last year, Dmall and 7-Eleven South China announced a strategic cooperation, which means 7-Eleven South China has completed the system changeover in nearly 1500 stores and three distribution centres in Foshan, Dongguan, and Guangzhou in half a year. In the future, 7-Eleven South China will open 150-200 stores every year and Dmall will continue to open its capabilities to the outside world, and constantly expand the usage scenarios of Integrated Retail Cloud. It is believed that through the cooperation between 7-Eleven South China and Dmall, the SaaS infrastructure will play greater value to the convenience store industry. 

About Dmall 

Dmall is a one-stop omnichannel digital retail solution service provider. Through the Integrated Retail Cloud – one-stop solution provided by Dmall OS. Dmall helps retailers and brand owners to achieve digital transformation and online-offline integration. At the same time, Dmall enables retailers and brand owners the omnichannel operation capabilities through tools such as Dmall App and provides various value-added services. 

As for now, Dmall has reached cooperation with more than 130 chain retailers and brand owners, covering more than 15,000 stores in four countries and regions. 

To find out more about Dmall please email: wuyang.liu@dmall.com or follow our website https://www.dmall.com/en.


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