Hong Kong’s street artists get a harbourfront showcase

INSPIRATION STATION: A display near Hong Kong’s waterfront showcases the work of artists who use varying tools, from iPhones to drones to huge professional cameras, spray cans, pens, paint, papier-mâché and wool.

Hong Kong's street artists get a harbourfront showcase

No one can disagree that Hong Kong, and indeed the world, has undergone significant change over the last 18 months. This change and introspection has afforded many artists a chance to re-evaluate and see things from fresh creative perspectives.

Over 30 street photographers and artists are now showcasing their work on large scale high-definition screens at The Grounds and within AIA Vitality Park. This includes four installation artists who have already premiered with the creation of their work “live” at the venue. These artists use varying tools, from iPhones to drones to huge professional cameras, from spray cans to pens, paint, papier-mâché and wool. 

The initiative comes from Michael Denmark, a life-long fan of photography and street art, a 25-year Hong Kong veteran of the media and entertainment sector and the man behind The Grounds at AIA Vitality Park and the Great European Carnival often hosted there.

He believes the public’s love of street art and passion for Hong Kong will appeal to brands who are looking to engage further into the community through a celebration of local artists. Events and community engagement programs are also being curated for HK Frames as it evolves over the coming weeks and months.

“Our audience inspired us to launch a platform to celebrate our home, Hong Kong, through the eyes of Street Photographers and Street Artists,” says Denmark. “There’s never been a better time to put smiles on people’s faces through entertainment and art in safe surroundings. 

Artists ‘on residence’ at present:

Xeme & Wais

Claire Coutrel & The French Girl

Szabotage (Gus Szabo)


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