Hong Kong Artists to Watch: Offgod

In a firmament sparkling with creativity, what would normally have been the colossal task of identifying artistic stars worth observing has been made easier now that — for better or worse — everyone’s been grounded. We zone in on 12 local talents, from rising to established. Today, Offgod tells his story.

Offgod / Photographer: Alison Kwan

My name is Andrew Mok. I’m a 17-year-old artist born and raised in Hong Kong. I specialise in digital art inspired by English hip-hop music, as well as street-fashion culture. I signed up for my Instagram account in 2017 and developed a following when I started to illustrate rappers in my style [Mok has just hit over 200,000 followers].

I started drawing because I love how, with just simply a human hand and muscle memory, a person can create such beautiful and realistic drawings with no other tool than pen and paper. Even at school, whenever I’m bored or start tuning out, I’ll pick up a pen and paper and just start doodling. Every time I draw a new piece of artwork, the aim is for it to be better than my last one.

  • Offgod, Into the metaverse

Artists in a society are very important, as they play the role of storytellers. This new generation focuses a lot more on technology, so digital art has become a good way for artists to push ideas, messages, or just share beautiful artwork, especially on social media.

I’d consider my biggest inspirations to be greats such as the late Virgil Abloh, Takashi Murakami and Hayao Miyazaki. The first is a fashion designer who inspired me to pursue that field, while the latter two are Japanese artists whom I grew up loving with their unique art styles and ability to draw and animate such beautiful scenery. Fashion is something that I only fell in love with recently. I’ve been doing research on fashion designers ever since, improving my tastes as well as finding my own style.

Mok is represented by Shout Art Hub & Gallery. His first solo exhibition, titled Hello! My name is Offgod, is currently showing at Hysan Place. The young artist also hopes to develop his clothing brand Bandage Boy and launch his first collection this year.


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