Here’s Your First Glimpse of the 1 Moncler JW Anderson Collection

2018 was the start of something special for Italian powerhouse Moncler. CEO Remo Ruffini unveiled his mammoth (and ongoing) project Moncler Genius – and let me tell you, it is indeed a pure stroke of genius. With the motto “One House, Different Voices”, the critically-acclaimed fashion venture invites new designers to reinterpret the Moncler anatomy in their own unparalleled style. With collections released on a semi-monthly basis throughout the year, this project not only entirely disrupts the fashion calendar but simultaneously sees Moncler expand from its traditional signature pieces to become more of an all-encompassing cultural brand.

In the past, we’ve seen brands and designers such as Simone Rocha, Richard Quinn, Hiroshi Fujiwara, RIMOWA and MATE.BIKE team up with Moncler Genius for exciting drops, but one particular designer is back for his second collab which is sure to have all fashion-conscious individuals on the edge of their seats. Northern Irish-born Jonathan Anderson, who first partook in the Moncler Genius project last year, teased his second collaborative collection on Monday and it screams adventure.

JW Anderson pieces are known for their gender-bending and genre-defying silhouettes but also for their utilitarian purpose, something crucial to the brand’s ethos and Anderson’s appreciation for craft and the act of making. Remaining functional and straightforward is at the core of Moncler’s design vision as well, so it’s no surprise that this sartorial matrimony will meet the practical and cultural demands of a burgeoning contemporary space whilst perfectly combining both brands’ collective outlooks. This collection puts a Moncler spin on JW Anderson archive pieces with the aim of portraying the story of nomadic travelers on a voyage – a vision that already teems with playful unpredictability. Think seascapes, sandy shores, and deep sunsets. From a quilted long coat and collaged Chelsea boots, to sailing-inspired parkas and faded hues of sunsets on T-shirt dresses, the collection transports you to the stuff of dreams and allows you to embark on your own adventure.

Seeing what happened last year when these two imaginative brands crossed paths, we can’t wait to get our hands on what’s in store for round two.


The collection will officially drop on March 1st on moncler.com 


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