Here’s What to Watch This September on Netflix Hong Kong

After a long wait, September sees the return of three of Netflix’s most popular shows as well as new exciting releases. From a timely docuseries to a frightening mystery series and a coming-of-age dramedy, here’s what to watch in September on Netflix Hong Kong.

what to watch in September on Netflix Hong Kong
Season 5 of hit show Money Heist is premiering on Netflix on September 3

What to watch in September on Netflix Hong Kong

Midnight Mass

Release date: September 24

From the producers of The Haunting of Hill House, Netflix’s new limited series centres around Crockett Island, an island community where residents start experiencing terrifying omens and miraculous events after the arrival of a mysterious young priest. Judging from the eerie trailer, it looks like horror lovers are in for a treat!

Love on the Spectrum Season 2

Release date: September 21

During season one of this Australian dating show, we met and followed the experiences of a group of young adults on the autism spectrum looking for love and navigating the ups and downs fo relationship. In season two, we’ll get to see some of them again while being introduced to brand new story lines and protagonists. In a world overpopulated with dating shows, Love on the Spectrum stands out for its genuine – and yet heartwarming – approach.

Dear White People Volume 4

Release Date: September 22

After two years of wait, the fourth and final volume of Dear White People (DWP) is finally here! For its last hurrahs, the show will take an ambitious and unexpected approach with a musical season most likely inspired by Spike Lee’s School Daze and other 90s musicals. As most of the main characters reflect upon their senior year at Winchester, we can expect the dark humour of DWP to shine through.

Sex Education Season 3

Release Date: September 17

Thanks to its fresh and unfiltered point of view on coming of age sex and relationships and its charming cast, Sex Education has developed a cult following of teenagers and adults alike. In season three, we’ll see Moordale Secondary getting a fresh new start with a new headmistress, played by Jemima Kirke, and new students. Needless to say, we can’t wait to see what’ll happen between Otis and Maeve.

Turning Point, 9/11 and the War on Terror Season 1

Release Date: September 1

9/11 is watershed event that is often used to divide contemporary history into two distinct time frames, before and after it. Netflix’s new timely docuseries, directed by Brian Knappenberger, explores the attacks, their aftermath and the political decisions that change the course of history for ever.

Money Heist Part 5 Volume 1

Release Date: September 3

As one of Netflix’s biggest global hits, Money Heist, La Casa de Papel in Spanish, has had fans glued to their screens for four years. In the new chapter, the gang has even more reasons to finish the heist to avenge the death of Nairobi. As usual, for the professor and the others, surrendering is not an option.

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