Hackers try to disrupt registration for Chim-Shop-Chai scheme

Hackers have attempted to disrupt state-run the Krung Thai Bank computer system used for the

registration of subscribers to Phase 2 of the Government’s “Chim-Shop-Chai” (Eat-Shop-Spend) scheme,

resulting in delays to registration today, Mr. Payong Srivanich, the bank’s managing director disclosed

this morning (Friday).

In offering an apology to members of the public for the disruption, he said that bank officials have fixed

the problem and are taking further precautions to prevent another attempt on the system.

He said both the Finance Ministry and the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society have been made

aware of the problem and are also taking preventive measures to ensure smooth registration.

As usual, registration for the second day today started at 6am and, by 9.34am, all 500,000 subscribers

were registered. Registration will resume at 6pm for today’s second batch of 500,000 subscribers.

Saturday will be the final day of registration for the Chim-Shop-Chai scheme. The Finance Ministry has

set the target at three million people for Phase 2.

The Phase 1 of the scheme, which has just ended, has been hailed by the Government as a huge success,

with ten million people having subscribed and spent more than the 1,000 baht per head, spurring the

declining domestic economy.


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