Gucci Hortus Deliciarum, Celebrating the Best of Mother Nature

Alessandro Michele takes maximalism to the next level with his second high jewellery collection for Gucci.

Gucci High Jewellery, 2021
Image: Gucci

In the second instalment of Gucci’s high jewellery collection, creative director Alessandro Michele takes cues from the ever-changing nature of the sky and captures its mesmerising hues through a 130-piece collection divided into four chapters.

Called Hortus Deliciarum (meaning “garden of delights” in Latin), the collection brings Michele’s signature maximalist style into the jewellery world. Under the leadership of the idiosyncratic designer, Gucci is synonymous with opulence and flamboyance. Much like this high jewellery collection, wearing any one of it will make you the centre of attention.

Chapter One

The first chapter of the collection pays homage to Mother Nature and her scenic landscapes. The majestic waterfalls and enchanting forests inform the silhouettes of many pieces in this chapter. For instance, cascades of scintillating diamonds as waterfall or Paraiba tourmalines for the bright azure ocean. The fringed and tasselled necklaces and chandelier earrings are also given the en tremblant treatment that when the pieces are worn, light reflected from the bejewelled leaves resembles shooting meteors.

Chapter Two

For the second chapter, the colours transition from a sunset sky to nightfall grounds. Precious gemstones such as opal, topaz and spessartine garnets are key in translating the rich twilight hues. Michele described this chapter as “discordant symmetry” because he designed the pieces in a mismatched manner to encapsulate the ephemerality of the sky as it passes from day to night. 

Chapter Three

In the third chapter, the romanticism of a rose garden is Michele’s source of inspiration. For this, each gemstone has been fastidiously chosen for its light colour such as the Padparadscha sapphire, which resembles a blooming rose with its petal on the cusp of opening out. Some of the necklaces are also detachable and can be worn as charms.

Chapter Four

This last chapter is inspired by the regality of the animal kingdom. Michele’s obsession with the lion and tiger are translated into the pieces as in the recurring motifs. The lion represents strength while the tiger is a show of courage and passion. The majestic creatures are set with sky-blue tanzanites, tsavorites, yellow beryls and opals. The highlight piece for this chapter is a necklace featuring a 16 ct opal surrounded by a pride of lions.

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