ALOR GAJAH – The flood issue in Alor Gajah has been a pressing issue for the local people for many years and the incumbent Alor Gajah MP Datuk Redzuan Yusof wants a holistic way to settle it once for all.

According to Redzuan Yusof, known as Pak Wan, he had brought up this flood issue to Parliament many times and suggested that the flood mitigation project should be given to the local developers to manage it compared to the federal government.

“There should be an environmental impact assessment (EIA) to give responsibility to the local developers. I have been championing this issue for the last 3 years.

“The developers should be made responsible for the flood mitigation project in order to address the flood issue.

“It is not that every time there is a flood incident, I have to go on the ground to resolve the issue.

“Most of the time, I go on the ground to help the people here in Alor Gajah.” he told reporters after doing a walk about here today in Alor Gajah town.

Pak Wan also added that many ideas have been given to reduce the bureaucracy and solve the flood issue once for all.

When asked about the Paya Datuk flood issue, he confirmed to have brought this issue to Parliament and the Minister who is responsible had taken note, however due to the parliament dissolved, the implementation of flood mitigation has been delayed.

Visuals from ANT team

IMG 20221108 WA0021

Pak Wan talking to local seller in the Alor Gajah market

IMG 20221108 WA0022

Pak Wan meet and greet local resident in Alor Gajah

IMG 20221108 WA0025

Pak Wan seen meeting local leaders

IMG 20221108 WA0049

#Additional reporting by Faisal, Abd Rahman and Zian Hafiz.




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