Mastercard has announced the appointment of Gautam Aggarwal as division president for South Asia and country corporate officer, India. Aggarwal took over this role on 1 January. He replaces Nikhil Sahni, who is assuming a new regional role within the company. Aggarwal was chief technology officer – Asia Pacific.

Along with marketing, Aggarwal will oversee product management, engagements with customers and regulators, and more in India and South Asia. In addition, as head of the payment technology firm’s South Asia division, based in Mumbai, he will lead operations across the sub-continent, covering India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Maldives and Bhutan.

Aggarwal joined Mastercard in 2014. 

Ari Sarker, president – Asia Pacific, Mastercard, said, “With more than two decades of technology, innovation, and commercial market experience, Gautam brings a strong multidisciplinary background and global perspective to addressing regional priorities. Combined with his Mastercard know-how gleaned from his eight years with the company that saw him spearheading a number of strategic initiatives and countless technology investments, he is uniquely equipped to ensure that Mastercard is poised to tackle the range of opportunities and challenges ahead. As the company enters the next phase of its growth journey in South Asia, we look forward to deepening partnerships with stakeholders in India and across the sub-continent under Gautam’s leadership.”

Aggarwal said, “I am incredibly energised to steward Mastercard’s South Asia division which includes some of the fastest growing, most dynamic economies in the world. With the India growth story in particular being closely watched globally, Mastercard is committed to doing all that it can to enable the government’s digital India vision by investing the full breadth of its resources – people, data, services, technology, philanthropy – to support the country’s long-term inclusive growth.” 




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