Here’s a listing of gustatory delights, where to find them, and workshops to experience during the Lion City’s food festival happening until September 12th.

The Singapore Food Festival is in full swing welcoming guests from all over the world to experience this culinary adventure.

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Here is Lifestyle Asia’s list of gustatory delights and where to find them so you can enjoy this gastronomic journey through Singapore! We’ve also included a couple of workshops to experience.

  1. KEK (Keng Eng Kee) at Alexandra Village. Must-tries are the Coffee Pork Ribs, Salted Egg Prawns, Black Pepper Crabs, and Moonlight Hofan. If you’re eating with family and friends, we recommend as well the Chili Crabs with Steamed Buns, Chinese Spinach with Ikan Bilis, Ming Zhu Roll, and Clay Pot Rice with Liver.

2. Ya Kun Kaya Toast Coffeestall at Clark Quay Center. We highly recommend the Kaya Toast with Butter Set, Smoked Cheese French Toast with Kaya Set, and Ginger Milk Tea. Both sets come with two perfectly delicate soft-boiled eggs. While we enjoyed our kaya toast at Clark Quay Center, you will find other branches across Singapore City.

3. Satay Street at Lau Pa Sat Festival Market. They serve everything satay here—chicken, beef, pork, and mutton as well! The rich and flavorful peanut gravy deserves special mention. 120 sticks of assorted satay will go a long way to satisfy a group of 10-12 hungry bellies. Don’t forget to eat these with the rice cakes that look like adorable little pillows.

4. Chinatown Complex at Smith Street. The Hawker Feast is an unforgettable nine-course meal from the best among 226 hawker stalls. Musts are the Michelin-starred Hawker Chan’s soya sauce chicken rice (#02-126) as well as Hakka Thunder Rice Tea from Hakka Fun (#02-123) and the Fried Carrot Cake from Super Mummy (#02-103). We do suggest you work up an appetite and indulge in the complete Hawker Feast set that also includes an appetizer of Bak Wa (Chinese bacon) and Pig Ear Biscuits (they’re actually not made from pig’s ears) as well as mains like the Fish Ball Noodle, Prawn Noodle, Braised Tofu, Chee Cheong Fun, and a dessert of Soya Beancurd, apart from the first three dishes mentioned. Coffee and tea are customary and you have the option to enjoy them iced.

5. New Ubin at CHIJMES. The foie gras egg special with a dash of truffle salt and soft boiled eggs will have you savoring every bite while the steamed and deep-fried squid paste youtiao will surprise you with its different textures of moist and crunchy. You can find them on Instagram for inquiries.

6. Dunman Center at Joo Chiat. Brunch just got better with vadai from Gina’s as well as the tau kwa pau from Tekong, and bean curd with grass jelly drink from Say Seng.

7. Yong’s at Katong, Joo Chiat. Have a taste of some traditional teochew kuey. These dumplings are perfect if you’re in a rush since you can eat it while on the go.

8. 328 Katong Laksa in Katong, Joo Chiat. Authentic Laksa, steaming hot, aromatic, and flavorful. Best to go there at 11 AM before the lunch time rush.

9. Blue Smoke at 261 Joo Chiat Road. Chicken skin, duck breast, and dirty basmati are just few of the musts on this Asian contemporary smokehouse’s menu. Reach out to them on Instagram for more information.

10. The Elephant Room at 20A Teck Lim Road. This culture-forward cocktail bar is inspired by Singapore’s Little India. Some of our favorites include the watermelon & rose; Laddoooooo with Two Indies Rum, saffron, and coconut marshmallow; and the Cocktail Asura with Two Leaf Distillate, lime and curry leaf, roasted orgeat, topped with charred curry meringue. You can find The Elephant Room on Instagram.

11. Uncle Ice Cream outside Gucci, Paragon. The queue for Uncle Ice Cream never seems to run out. Choose your ice cream from 12 different Magnolia brand flavors like blueberry ripple, yam, sweet corn, peppermint chocolate chip, durian, green tea, mango, chocolate chip, red bean, raspberry ripple, vanilla, and chocolate then opt to either sandwich your ice cream in a slice of folded rainbow bread or between two thin wafer biscuits.

12. Kind Kones in Paragon at 290 Orchard Road. This plant-based ice cream uses only nut, oat or coconut and is sweetened with unrefined cane sugar, molasses, and natural sugars and is free of preservatives, artificial coloring, and flavoring. If you love chocolate, you must try the chocolate chai made from coconut milk, cashew milk, ashwaganda, cardamom, cinnamon, cocoa powder, and sea salt. Head over to Instagram to find out more.

13. Azabu Sabo Hokkaido Ice Cream at Clarke Quay. The long queue for this Hokkaido ice cream was well worth it and if you love milk tea you won’t regret trying the houji cha flavor. The roasted beniharuka sweet potato flavor is another option for those looking for something out of the ordinary. Other flavors include lychee, matcha, rum and raisin, and matcha chocolate chip among others.

Workshops are another wonderful way to immerse oneself in Singaporean culture. Here are two we recommend that are both fun and delicious.

Kopi Socks to Cold Brew Coffee Workshop by Wanderlust Hotel at 2 Dickson Road. You’ll learn how to make your own cold brew and how to order kopi like a local without being intimidated, plus a crash course on tea or “teh” as the locals call it so you can confidently order during your next kopitiam run. Reach out to Wanderlust Hotel on Instagram to learn more. 

Chocolate Appreciation Workshop by Fossa Chocolate at 30 Gambas Crescent, Nordcom II. Fossa proudly makes chocolate from bean to bar and they make everything from scratch with no artificial additives. Their cacao is ethically sourced, expertly fermented and dried to develop deep, complex flavors. Beyond learning about the various types of chocolate and the different regions and countries they originate from, the workshop also includes a tasting session that was out of this world! As part of the tasting session are Kokoa Kamili (70% Dark Rustic Gem)from Tanzania, Kokoa Kamili (72% Dark Chocolate from Tanzania, Reheboth Estate (70% Dark Chocolate) from the Philippines, Honey Orchid Dancong Hongcha (52% Milk Tea Chocolate), and Salted Egg Cereal Blond Chocolate. You can contact Fossa Chocolate on Instagram for inquiries.

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