Gallery: Prestige 40 Under 40 2021 Launch Party

Prestige Online – Hong Kong

Gallery: Prestige 40 Under 40 2021 Launch Party

Meet the laureates of Prestige Hong Kong’s 40 under 40 2021 here.

  • Cara Li
  • Afa Lee
  • Anina Ho
  • Anina Ho and Oceana Ou Rucci
  • Dr Alvin Lee and Dr Lisa Chan
  • Jacqueline Chow
  • Joyce Li and Evan Chow
  • Martijn Oremus and James Bacon
  • Christal Leung and Tawnia Leung
  • Amanda Tsui and Kenny Kinugasa-Tsui
  • Michelle Chen and Agnes Chu
  • Ken Bek
  • Alex Lam
  • Andy Cheung and Ken Bek
  • Ben Li and Christy Liang
  • Elliot Faber and Tiffany Faber
  • Daisy Wong and Jonathan Song
  • Jacqueline Chak and Genevieve Chew
  • Valerie Chiu and Samuel Sun
  • Bruce Tong and Chris Tong
  • Brendan Fitzpatrick
  • Kevin Chu
  • Joyce Chin and Christopher Ho
  • Rachel Cheung and Ray Qian
  • Ben Andujar and Jessi Chloe Chen
  • Wil Fang
  • Ruby Fung
  • Sarah Zhuang
  • Lisa Tse
  • John Nugent
  • Adam Raby and Jasmine Wall
  • Austen Chu
  • Kyle Obermann and Jocelyn Chan
  • Angie Ng
  • Jessica Cambensy
  • Angie Ng, Jessica Cambensy and Saffie Ng
  • Queenie Rosita-Law
  • Alvin Goh
  • Edwin Pun and Pansy Tsang
  • Michelle Ma-Chan
  • Janis Chan
  • Mite Chan
  • Jennifer Ma, Jennifer Cheng, Oceana Ou Rucci and Michelle Ma-Chan
  • Lisa Tse and Celina Harto
  • Clement Tsoi and Charlz Ng
  • Bertrand Mak
  • Kimmy Lai
  • Mou Cheng, Karmuel Young and Herman Sin
  • Tiffany Chan
  • Coba Cheng and Sam Cheung
  • Martijn Oremus, Maggie Cheng, Jeffrey Keung and James Bacon

Special thanks to Aberlour, Ami / Wood Ear, BMW, Breguet, Perrier Jouët and RARE SkinFuel.


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