Foreo Launches the UFO 2 LED Mask

Having previously released the first UFO mask, Swedish skin-tech company Foreo developed the upgraded UFO 2 model which incorporates full spectrum LED light and faster thermo-therapy for highly customisable beauty routines

Bringing the smart-masking revolution to the market, Swedish brand Foreo introduces an update to its UFO mask. The new UFO 2 features eight LED light settings on “maximum power” to the activated mask. In order to offer dedicated and customised treatments for its users, each light on the mask has its own function. The Purple LED setting, for one, is able to reduce the appearance of fine lines while also boosting skin radiance. The yellow LED, meanwhile, reduces redness and soothes the skin.

Integrated with advanced thermo-therapy technology, the new UFO 2 LED mask is able to heat the skin five times better than the original model. Cryotherapy settings and T-sonic pulsations are also added to supercharge the impact of each pampering session. The device works in conjunction with smart masks to help deliver the best skin. These include smart mask models such as Glow Addict, Shimmer Freak, Make My Day, Acai Berry Mask, Green Tea, Call it A Night, H2Overdose, and more, each meant to target specific skin needs. Recently, FOREO has also released Coconut Oil, Manuka Honey, Green Bulgarian Rose, and CBD masks.

With easy usage, the mask simply fits on the device with a lid. And with the FOREO app, a host of prepared programmes can be run with minimal fuss.


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