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Foreigners own 0.26 percent of South Korea’s territory.

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport announced on Dec. 1 that foreigners owned 0.26 percent of South Korea’s territory at the end of the first half of this year. It is 260,747,000 square meters in area and 32.455 trillion won in appraised value.

In six months, the ratio increased by 0.5 percent and the appraised value increased by 1.2 percent. Americans owned 53.1 percent of the territory owned by foreigners, followed by Chinese (7.9 percent), Europeans (7.2 percent) and Japanese (6.4 percent).

The foreign ownership consisted of 55.7 percent owned by South Koreans with foreign nationalities, 34.6 percent by foreign corporate bodies, 9.5 percent by foreign individuals and 0.2 percent by foreign governments and organizations. It included 18.5 percent in Gyeonggi, 14.9 percent in Jeonnam, 13.9 percent in Gyeongbuk and 8.5 percent in Jeju.

Forests, fields and farmlands accounted for 67.1 percent of the total, followed by factory sites (22.6 percent), leisure-purpose (4.5 percent) and residential (4.2 percent).



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