It’s been a long time coming, but Sioux Falls, South Dakota is finally getting its very first legal, medical dispensary. Folks behind the scenes have been preparing for years and couldn’t be happier. 

It’s been almost two years, 22 months to be exact, since South Dakota passed the ballot measure that would make cannabis legal across the state, but even though that already took effect, it has been a struggle to get dispensaries up and operational. The first dispensary set to open, known as The Flower Shop Dispensary, opened Friday of last week at the intersection of 49th Street and Western Avenue. It opened just in time for the Labor Day rush and sales. Now, they are looking forward to serving patients for the rest of this year and into the next. 

As of now, sales in South Dakota are just medical, so folks who are 21 and over with a valid med card can go shop at the new dispensary. Eventually, Sioux Falls plans to have five dispensaries in operation, but The Flower Shop was the first selected from the license lottery last year. Though they were selected back in November 2021, they are just now opening their doors and beginning to serve customers. 

So far, in South Dakota, medical cannabis can be prescribed for anxiety, pain, seizures, muscle spasms, and a host of other approved medical conditions. Flower Shop Dispensary makes it clear that their first priority is to help patients find the relief they need. 

“I’ve been a user for a while now myself. I’ve had two back surgeries, I’m only 30 years old and pain pills kind of put me down a long path that I didn’t want to continue down. So using cannabis helped me get out of that. I want to portray that and be an advocate for other people as well,” general manager David Blackburn says about the importance of medical cannabis and his calling running this new place of business. 

After almost a year of getting ready to open, The Flower Shop is finally ready to go and in business, and the owner couldn’t be happier, despite the long and anxious wait time since initial legalization. 

“It’s been a journey. It’s been exciting; it came with a lot of challenges, but we’re open. That’s all that matters,” owner Peter Dikun says about the new business venture. 

The shop will sell cannabis to those with a valid medical card, and help patients select the best strains and products for what ails them. Patients can also find glass for smoking and hemp edibles in the shop, and all the cannabis they have for sale is locally grown. 

“As the South Dakota market matures, more cultivators come on board, more manufacturers will have products. So in the beginning, we have limited stuff but the longer we’re going to be open, the more stuff we’ll have,” Dikun says about what the store will have to offer in the future. He also explains that at the store, they weigh bags of cannabis in front of customers, ensuring that they know what they are getting and are getting their money’s worth. 

“That’s kind of the biggest thing for me is being able to get good, clean medicine out there to people in a safe way,” Blackburn says.

Now that medical cannabis has finally come to South Dakota, Sioux Falls is preparing to be a small but healthy hub for the medical industry, with five dispensaries eventually popping up to serve the area. We wish South Dakota all the best when it comes to this new endeavor and their recently legalized industry. 

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