Fendi X Anrealage Presents Photochromic Menswear

Fendi launches a collaboration with Japanese brand ANREALAGE as part of the fall/winter 2020-21 men’s collection

Fendi’s longstanding appreciation of Japanese culture has manifested in a variety of collaborations. The luxury label has partnered with domestic heritage brands like Moonstar and PORTER for special edition accessories. And for its fall/winter 2020/21 men’s collection, the house enlists Anrealage founder Kunihiko Morinaga for another joint effort, this time remixing a signature bag and ready-to-wear with the experimental fabrics that have brought Morinaga international acclaim.

In 2013, Morinaga applied Photochromic, a technology that changes colour when a substance is exposed to light containing ultraviolet rays, to design. As such, the colour and pattern of the pieces can be changed. Morinaga, who has been approached things with a scientific approach for the past few years, has added an interesting twist to Fendi’s clothing this time.

Dubbed ‘Fendi-fied classicism’, the collection features photochromatic looks: When exposed to UV light (including sunlight) the garments shift from white into Fendi’s signature yellow .Out of the complete collection of menswear, four ensembles, consisting of matelassé coats, matching gloves, bags and boots, were designed in collaboration with Morinaga.

“These four garments … have been realized with Anrealage by Kunihiko Morinaga, who I call a ‘fashion scientist,” Venturini Fendi told Esquire, as quoted in Hypebeast.

White diamond quilted nylon is used as the base material, but it still has a hidden mechanism that is typical of Anrealage. When you shine a light on these items, the pattern of the chain link interwoven with the Fendi FF logo emerges. While it has classic atmosphere, it has a fresh look with a futuristic mood due to its innovative materials.


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