Maryam Aurangzeb, the federal minister of Information & Broadcasting in Pakistan Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif’s government, is in New York for the United Nations General Assembly as part of the Pakistani delegation. She spoke to WION’s Anas Mallick about Pakistan’s flood situation, among other issues.

Maryam slammed former Prime Minister Imran Khan, saying that amid the devastating floods, he has been simply creating political instability in the country. 

“Political instability comes from only one person that is Imran Khan. The scale of this entire catastrophe and when we are still in the midst of this flood crisis, to date, he is doing only his usual political diatribe, name-calling, and political activities,” she said.

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“He has been to visit the flood-affected areas once, only due to political pressure by the forces and people. One should not forget that he has two governments currently and has provided no constructive contribution to the flood victims.”

“The only reason he is currently doing all this is because he has lost power, and influence, and wants to regain. I named him bluff master the other day. He thinks he can get away with everything when the situation is not at its very best. This political instability is really contributing to the economic unrest in Pakistan,” she added.

When questioned about the country’s expectations at the UN General Assembly, Maryam said that their primary goal is to draw attention to the current flood crisis in Pakistan.

“PM has made this point repeatedly in all of his bilaterals and engagements. In his discussions with international leaders, he has addressed the situation of the country and its people, as well as global warming and its repercussions, climate change, to which Pakistan contributes less than 1 per cent and ranks fifth among vulnerable countries,” she said.

“His entire visit is focussed on his speech. What happens after his address will be critical. The devastation, economic impact, health impact, conditions of women and children, and food security is the entire composition of what Pakistan is focusing on,” she added.

Maryam further said that they are focused on rebuilding infrastructure and rehabilitation.

“Financial institutions such as IMF and the World Bank have shown their current programmes are with Pakistan to give relief to the people of Pakistan. We are looking at different swaps when we talk about rebuilding infrastructure and rehabilitation. It is the second challenge for us that we are looking at,” she said.

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