Ex-NFL Football Great with the Kansas City Chiefs Says Super Bowl Half-Time Show Was Satanic


By Joe Hoft

Published February 9, 2021 at 7:45am

Ex-NFL Football Great Larry Johnson sent out some tweets on Super Bowl Sunday noting that the Half-Time Show looked satanic.

Larry Johnson was a great running back for the Kansas City Chiefs in the NFL.  Like many Americans, he watched the Super Bowl Half-time Show this past Sunday but he had a unique take on the event which he shared on Twitter:

The former Kansas City Chiefs running back was all eyes and ears to Super Bowl LV and noticed something disturbing with the halftime show.

Johnson took to Twitter and claimed that The Weeknd performed a satanic ritual in front of thousands of people inside Raymond James Stadium and the millions watching at home.

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Johnson tweeted: Truthers stand back and stand by:

Truthers, stand back & standby..#SuperBowlHalftimeShow

— Larry Johnson (@2LarryJohnson7) February 8, 2021

He next thought some of the participants in the show were wearing jockstraps or something:

They wearing jock straps or 🤔

— Larry Johnson (@2LarryJohnson7) February 8, 2021

Then he shares that he believes the opening scene looks like Satan falling from heaving and meeting his demons on earth:

Satan’s fall from heaven w/ his fallen angels, and Abaddon/Abel, coming from out of the bottomless pit.

Their covid quarantine short story of Revelation 9. pic.twitter.com/nXG40lNp3C

— Larry Johnson (@2LarryJohnson7) February 8, 2021

Really, what the hell is going on?


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