“Every mother’s best friend”: a chat with Sangdao Thongtai, founder of Momworld

There is no love more special than a mother’s love. This is something Sangdao Thongtai knows.

With Momworld, Sangdao Thongtai has created a space for women to share their stories, inspirations, and struggles, all through products made by mothers for their children.

“Mother knows best”

As the old saying goes, “mother knows best”, especially when it comes to what’s best for their babies. As a single mother of two, and the founder of Momworld – a new multi-brand boutique catering to mothers and their precious youngsters – Sangdao Thongtai brings the saying to life by curating a wide range of products and brands produced and/or distributed by mothers themselves.

“It’s multi-brand in a physical sense, but what I want Momworld to be is more than just a marketplace,” says Sangdao of her store which is located at The Nine on Rama IX Road. “What’s different here is the stories behind each brand, and that’s the added value. I interviewed all the mothers myself, asking about all the specific details concerning the setting up of their brand, as well as their inspirations and, of course, their children. These stories are important to us because we’re not just selling products; we’re giving inspiration to other mothers who are thinking about distributing, manufacturing and selling something.”

More than just a marketplace

As a working mother and entrepreneur, Sangdao also understands the struggles of a woman on her way to becoming a mother – their concerns and anxieties over issues such as their identity, the future of their children, their performance as a mother, and, especially, financial security. Seeing that many mothers have started a new business, or a sideline job related to children, Sangdao came up with an idea of a welcoming space to help them get their products to customers in an easy and highly efficient way.

“These women are hardworking, and so inspired by their own experiences as a mother that they have gone on to create some products to earn extra cash, or even start a whole new business,” she explains. “I already had this store where I sell the toy brand I have been distributing, so I offered some space for mothers who need a channel to sell their products, while at the same time helping them with business plans, marketing and branding.

“Usually, these products are of great quality, because most are created by mothers for their own children. From my experiences, what they lack is a distribution channel and the time to work on things like branding and online marketing, and that’s where I step in. Some products are imported from abroad.

Often these brands are already successful, and while the mothers’ own kids have already grown up beyond the baby stage, the inspiration and the businesses live on.

An inspiring community for all mothers

“Some ideas come from parents who were once obliged to search the world for something unavailable in Thailand, products that would meet the unique condition their children were suffering from, such as sensitive gums that led to an allergy to most toothpastes. I would like this store to be a place that is an inspiration for all mothers, and I want them to know that despite the exhaustion and hardship that comes with being a parent, you don’t need to sacrifice your passion and your dream. You don’t need to stop doing what you want to do. You can continue being yourself, but be even more too. You can even embark on something entirely new.”

Having been in operation now for six months, Momworld has welcomed over 100 brands for both mothers and babies. Highlights include Giggles, a brand of natural toothpaste from Switzerland suitable for highly sensitive gums, and Binki, a sustainable clothing line made with 100 percent organic cotton and an innovative fastener in place of zips and buttons, for fuss-free dress-up time even for the most inexperienced of parents. Other popular brands include Playmobil, Elava, NAiF Care, Bebedang, Banwood, Besson Joujou, NenNen and JulieJune. As the 50-square-metre boutique continues to grow, it will be filled not just with products but also with stories of inspiration, and the kind of knowledge sharing Sangdao always had in mind.

“I would like to expand Momworld into an online marketplace and also a community,” she says of her future plans, “with information on raising your children, as well as touching stories that can become inspirational, or just simply give our visitors or readers a good time.” It’s a dream she no doubt shares with many other mindful moms.

Discover more at momworldbkk.com or LINE: @MOMWORLD

This article first appeared on Prestige Thailand.


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