These looks kept everyone on their toes.

Ballet Philippines, the country’s premier dance company, has opened its much anticipated 53rd Season.

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Aside from bringing together a community of artists and their audiences at the Cultural Center of the Philippines, the gala also saw many a notable look from society attendees.

Here are some of the most stylish attendees we spotted at Ballet Philippines’ 53rd Season Gala.

Anz Hizon

Anz Hizon InArticle
Photo by Anz Hizon via Instagram

Luis Espiritu and Liza Ilarde

Liza Ilarde InArticle
Photo by Liza Ilarde via Instagram

Jill Lao

Jill Lao InArticle
Photo by Jill Lao via Instagram

Dennis Lustico

Dennis Lustico InArticle
Photo by Lala Ventura via Instagram

Vania Romoff and family

Vania Romoff and family InArticle
Photo by Vania Romoff via Instagram

Myrza Sison

Myrza Sison InArticle
Photo by Myrza Sison via Instagram

Lala Ventura

Lala Ventura InArticle
Photo by Lala Ventura via Instagram

For inquiries about Ballet Philippines’ 53rd Season and to purchase your season tickets, visit ballet.ph.

Banner Photo by Vania Romoff via Instagram.



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