Elite Traveler Reveals Top Jets in the World Database

Elite Traveler, the world’s leading private jet lifestyle magazine, is proud to launch a comprehensive database containing key information on 60+ of the top private jets currently being produced.

No industry is immune to the devastating damage of the Covid-19 pandemic, but as the world begins to look to the future, reports show that more people than ever are turning to the increased safety and security afforded by private jets.

Top Jets, presented by the world’s first completely free self-service jet charter marketplace, JetASAP, offers those interested in private aviation the opportunity to search for their perfect aircraft from superlight jets such as the HondaJet to huge customized commercial airliners capable of carrying over 200 passengers.

We asked the leading private jet companies in the world to provide over 30 different variables on their current models. Using Top Jets, you can narrow your search by selecting the data most important to you. Whether you are looking for the fastest jets in the sky or simply the biggest, our database can be filtered down to exactly the type of aircraft you are looking for.

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Highlights include:

Embraer Phenom 300E

Step onboard the fastest single-pilot jet in the world, capable of reaching Mach 0.80m and a range of 2,010 nm. Embraer’s best-selling light jet provides a nimble, efficient and capable means of reaching your destination, thanks to its two Pratt & Whitney Canada PW535-E engines. Take the interior up a notch with the newly launched Bossa Nova package, offering an elegant black and gold cabin design.

The Embraer Phenom 300E is one of the world’s most popular jets / ©Embraer

Bombardier Global 7500

Breaking too many speed records to fit on the page, the Global 7500 is one of the fastest business jets on the market today with a top speed of Mach 0.925. An exceptional range of 7,700 nm also makes it one of the furthest flying. Its size sets it apart from the competition, with an endless array of luxurious interior configurations available and scope for four living spaces, a full size kitchen and a dedicated crew suite.

Boeing BBJ 747-8

The world’s largest private jet, the dual-level BBJ 747-8 jumbo, is fit for a king. Used primarily by heads of state to travel the globe, it is the pinnacle of elite VIP air travel. Less like an aircraft, more like a palace in the sky, up to 5,179 sq ft awaits you onboard. Its size isn’t a hindrance when it comes to range as this jumbo jet is capable of carrying 100 passengers an impressive 8,875 nm.

Click here to visit the Top Jets database


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