Dream Whisky’s ‘Metamorfosi’ collection blends Italian style with Scottish substance

Five compelling Highland whiskies, selected and bottled by two gentlemen from fair Emilia-Romagna. 

When Federico Mazzieri and Marco Maltagliati created their whisky consultancy in 2019, the goal was simple. “We wanted to offer anybody who desired it the opportunity to discover and learn about the extraordinary product that is Scotch Whisky,” says Mazzieri. “In a way which felt natural, while still keeping excellent standards of quality.” Fast forward two years, and the duo (operating under the moniker ‘Dream Whisky’) have just released ‘Metamorfosi’: their second collection of single cask whiskies, inspired by the Scottish Highlands throughout the seasons.

Dream Whisky
Pictured (from left): Dream Whisky co-founders Federico Mazzieri and Marco Maltagliati

Like many veterans in the hospitality industry, both Mazzieri and Maltagliati felt much of the Scotch that was typically available in the retail marketplace placed too strong of an emphasis on branding. To that end, as with their first series of chronologically released ‘Dream No.1/No.2’ bottlings, each whisky in the Metamorfosi collection has been packaged simply: featuring labels hand-drawn by Italian illustrators (each inspired by the relevant flavour profile) and a checklist of technical info. “Every year [we] present a unique collection with a limited number of bottles,” says Maltagliati. Thus far, the only throughline appears to be the exclusive use of single cask whiskies — favoured by Dream Whisky for their “fragrance and flavour” and ability to transport drinkers to “faraway, magical places”.

Dream Whisky
Dream Whisky’s latest run of single cask bottles is an ode to the Highlands – Scotland’s most prolific whisky-distilling region.

The omission of conspicuous brand names encourages drinkers to trust their senses, though unlike the previously numbered editions, all five are focused on sites throughout the Highland region. The ‘Autonno’ (i.e. autumn) is the youngest of the bunch: aged for 10 years in ex-bourbon hogsheads before being finished in sherry — a lightly alcoholic dram that’s velvety-soft smoothness “immediately calls for a second sip”. By contrast, the ‘Estate’ offers a more complicated sensory journey with aromas that vary as widely as flowers in springtime and candy floss (a take which Maltagliati wrly observes is “open to interpretation”).

Dream Whisky

And for those to whom time is no object, the ‘1990’ will likely prove the most intriguing: laid down for three decades, not long after the establishment of the Invergordon distillery. A favourite of indie bottlers like Duncan Taylor, Invergordon was persuaded to release some of its ex-bourbon spirit, crafted in distinctive pot stills, for this new collection — a surefire vote of confidence in Mazzieri and Maltagliati. Clad in a hand-drawn label and possessed of the length and intensity only time can bring, it’s fair to assume this is the stuff whisky dreams are made of.

To purchase a bottle from the Metamorfosi series, visit Certa Platform online — the exclusive importer of Dream Whisky in Hong Kong.


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