Discover The Glenrothes’ THE HIDDEN MENU at OZONE, Available Through September Only

For The Glenrothes, there’s always more to discover, more to learn, more to master.

Looking beyond the most conspicuous for nuances and ventures others will not dare consider is simply a matter of pride; a matter of curiosity being nurtured and nourished; a matter that begets THE HIDDEN MENU, The Glenrothes’ newest partnership with The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong’s OZONE.

There’s a saying, as there often is. Something about being lonely at the top; about being amongst rarefied company that’s rarefied to the point of nonexistence. It’s not quite so, however, for The Glenrothes, who finds a compatible bedfellow in The Ritz-Carton’s OZONE for a collaboration named with secrecy in tow: THE HIDDEN MENU, a whisky-paired degustation itinerary that aligns the former’s time-forged, age-old whisky alongside ultra-fine gastronomy.

A match made in, well, almost heaven; after all, OZONE continues to hold rank as the highest-altitude bar in the world. 490 metres above sea level will grant you that dignified status.

As with all things worth discovering; worth spending time, effort and attention on, THE HIDDEN MENU is a meticulous labour of love — one curated by Peter Find, Executive Chef of The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong. Presenting: A four-course journey that bookends sipping glasses of The Glenrothes whisky — on the menu, fingers split between the 18-Year-Old, Maker’s Cut, 25-Year-Old and the Single Cask #19961 — with delicious bites of food made to harmonise, chef’s kiss-style.

For those itching for a taste, here’s what to expect from THE HIDDEN MENU, courtesy of The Glenrothes and OZONE.

Welcome Cocktail: Glimpse of Amber

THE HIDDEN MENU’s curtain draws open with an aperitif. To whet the palate! Bespoke for the menu, Glimpse of Amber extends a sunshine-gold welcome, swirling sweetly into an infusion of caramelised banana puree, vanilla pod-laced banana liqueur and The Glenrothes’ 12-Year-Old.

First Course: Vanilla and Cinnamon-infused Charcoal Breadcrumb 40°C Confit Salmon with Smoky Melon

the glenrothes hidden menu at ozone

A touch of theatrics follows the opening act, arriving encased within a blanket of smoke that, once uncovered, is left to drift. Tendrils of the dish’s smoky aroma temper with The Glenrothes’ 18-Year-Old, which lands warm on the tongue with a sweet vanilla, pear and fresh ginger profile.

Second Course: Poached Lobster Tail

the glenrothes hidden menu at ozone

The second course takes pause. Here is where conflict — all saccharine against umami; spice against cream — arises, lingers and, finally, settles. The Glenrothes Whisky Maker’s Cut spills into a rich, complex sip flavoured with tinges of creamy vanilla, candied orange peel and nutmeg; an aroma profile chosen specifically to complement the second course’s sweet-meets-savoury bed of chocolate sauce, spicy fig and poached lobster tail.

Main Course: Sous Vide Iberico Pork Tenderloin

the glenrothes hidden menu at ozone

Here, the climax. The star of the show; the meat of the matter; the final, toiling climb before the sweet, sweet resolution. The Glenrothes 25-Year-Old’s rather treacly tinges of salted caramel, mango and coriander seeds mingle in stride with the main course’s accompanying tropical fruits celeriac purée, flavoured, too, with decadent notes of salted caramel.

Dessert: Black Tea Mousse Panna Cotta

Finally, the rolling credits. An Easter egg; the best saved for last paired alongside dessert is The Glenrothes Single Cask #19961 — distilled in 1997, bottled in 2019, with over two decades spent maturing in an American Oak Sherry cask that produced only a mere 580 bottles. On the palate: dark chocolate and black tea, with a finish as sweet as the dessert it’s meant to accompany.

The Glenrothes’ THE HIDDEN MENU is priced at HK$1,280 per person. Available at The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong’s OZONE from 1 September to 1 October 2021. Make reservations via the QR code above to unlock a 10% off discount code.


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