Did You Know Kim Kardashian Can Become a Lawyer Even Without a Bachelor’s Degree?

Kim Kardashian never fails to surprise us. Even though she is waiting on baby number 4, the reality star is excited about her 4-year apprenticeship with a San Francisco based law firm.

The only question here is this: how does she plan on becoming a lawyer without having a Bachelor’s degree, which is usually the prerequisite demanded by law schools?

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Kim Kardashian is expecting her fourth child soon, and reportedly its a boy.

Vogue Interview

In her recent interview with Vogue, Kim answered 73 questions about every aspect of her life. From being a reality star and a businesswoman to being a wife and a mother, the 38-year-old revealed that she is studying law in addition to all of her other responsibilities in hopes that she becomes a lawyer.

In another interview, she revealed that she easily understands the concepts but the lengthy reading material consumes a lot of her time. It was last summer that Kim had decided to start her 4-year apprenticeship with a law firm based in San Francisco. Now, she plans to take the bar exam in 2022.

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Many people have given Kim credit for the passage of the Criminal Justice Reform, which happened after she met with President Trump to talk about the issue.

Is She Eligible?

Her eligibility to sit for the bar exam is certainly a question that everyone has been asking ever since her interview became public knowledge. Although she reportedly does not have a Bachelor’s degree, however, she did briefly enroll in an undergrad at the Pierce College located in Los Angeles.

Kim is Lucky

Although people usually spend years getting a college degree while piling up student loans in order to pursue their goal of becoming a lawyer, Kim is lucky enough to avoid all that hassle.

This is due to the fact that California, along with three other states of America, offers an alternate way to become a lawyer.

In these states, a person can pass the bar exam by simply reading the law. This can be done by apprenticing or interning with a judge or a practicing lawyer. Kim Kardashian will be appearing for a mini bar exam before she is allowed to continue with the rest of the 3 years of her apprenticeship.

Before the existence of the formal education system, this reading-the-law technique is the method that every person who aspired to become a lawyer followed in order to become a lawyer. Reportedly, this was how Abraham Lincoln had become a lawyer as well.

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Becoming a lawyer is a very complex procedure, from the difficulty of getting into a good law school to passing the very difficult bar exam.

Nowadays, the applicability of this technique is pretty rare because of the many prestigious law schools in existence and the sheer number of students who want to associate with them.

In a report published in 2014 by the New York Times, it was found that only sixty out of approximately ninety thousand aspiring lawyers used this technique to pass the bar exam.

Kim is Struggling

In her first year, Kim will be studying contract law, torts, and criminal law. According to her, she finds contract law to be very boring, while the law of tort confuses her.

But, according to her, criminal law is easy, which is why she got full marks on her first test. She defines this step she has taken to become a lawyer as a turning point for her, one she didn’t think she would ever opt for in a million years.


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