The Taliban carried out the flogging of 27 people, including women, just one day after the first public execution since the extremist group regained power in Afghanistan. According to the chief spokesperson, the floggings were in accordance with the laws of the land and even criticised the global criticism regarding the punishments – calling the comments an “insult to Islam”.  

Reuters reported that the criminals were sentenced to public flogging by the supreme court in Afghanistan and it was carried out in Charikar, the capital of Parwan province – 50 kilometres from Kabul. 


“Each of these criminals confessed their crimes before the court without any force and was satisfied with the punishment,” the official statement from the Taliban stated according to Associated Press. 

Nine women among the 27 people were charged with “sodomy, deception, fake witness, forgery, selling and buying drugs, debauchery, escaping from home, highway robbery and illegal relationships”. The local media reports said that over 1000 people attended the flogging which took place in a stadium. 

“The public was chanting ‘Allahu Akbar’ and ‘we want the law of God to be implemented on our soil’.”  


While the punishment was different for all the accused, every one of them received between 20 to 39 blows from a cane. A group of Taliban members took turns in punishing the accused men and women. 

Earlier, the Taliban publicly executed a man for the first time since coming back to power. 

Supreme Leader Hibatullah Akhundzada asked the institutions in Afghanistan to prescribe punishments in accordance with Sharia Law and the execution marked the return to old ways for the group. 

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