Cyril Kongo Teams Up with MEDRadiance and masklab for a Limited Edition Mask

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Cyril Kongo Teams Up with MEDRadiance and masklab for a Limited Edition Mask

Even with the arrival of COVID-19 vaccines, wearing a mask is still highly recommended. And sometimes, they can make for quite the fashion statement…

As new hope dawns in humanity’s ongoing battle against the global COVID-19 pandemic, there is cause for both celebration and caution. Seemingly combining these two moods, French graffiti artist Cyril Kongo teamed up with MEDRadiance and masklab in Hong Kong to create a series of medical-grade masks featuring some of the artist’s masterpieces, including Coco Love, Voyager and Paradis.


These limited-edition masks are following the ASTM F2100 Level 3 standard for surgical masks, which means they provide the maximum level of protection against fluid, spray or aerosol exposure, as certified by American Society for Testing and Materials.

If Cyril Kongo‘s art doesn’t make you want to wear a mask for protecting the ones who matter to you, then what will?

The Cyril KONGO Limited Collector’s Edition (MEDRadiance x masklab) is available at masklab and can be shipped worldwide.

Main image and video courtesy of Cyril Kongo.


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