Name: Hiroaki Taki

Origin: Tokyo, Japan

Places lived/worked: Tokyo, Japan

Pronouns: He/him


  • Associate planning director and creative planner, BBDO Japan, 2021-present
  • Associate planning director, BBDO Japan, 2021-2020
  • Senior planner, BBDO Japan, 2019-2018
  • Digital producer/digital planner, Grey Tokyo, 2018-2017
  • Producer, Media wave, 2017-2015
  • Account, planner, consultant, Cyber Agent, 2015-2012

1. How did you end up being a creative?

Growing up, my dad owned a small advertising agency, which was a motivating to consider a career in advertising. During my student years, I enjoyed creating things that could make people happy. I loved organising events, designing smartphone apps, and making funny videos or memes for the reactions they were able to generate. The inspiration to make people happy with my work and leave a smile on their faces is still alive and frankly, that’s what keeps me going. 

2. What’s your favourite piece of work in your portfolio?

There was a time when radio calisthenics was one of the most popular exercises in Japan, but with outdated choreography and music, it’s almost forgotten by young people. With this campaign, we introduced an entirely new twist on radio calisthenics combining the audio quality of the JBL sound and called it ‘Breakin’ radio calisthenics’. We merged it with the rhythm of Breakin’, which was introduced as an Olympic event recently, and has gained attention in recent years.

Several famous dancers appeared in the campaign, including Shigekix, a world-class breakdancer. At first, the dancers perform conventional radio calisthenics, but gradually transform into spectacular, dynamic movements, accompanied by lively music, and reckless narration blasted on JBL speakers. In the days after the video was released, it was widely popular and imitated on TikTok. National TV also covered the campaign.

3. What’s your favourite piece of work created by someone else?

I’m fascinated by a lot of creatives out there, but if I had to choose one, I’d say the ‘Diesel’s Be a Follower’ campaign.

The advert takes shots at influencers, I love it because it satirises over-the-top digital culture and the overall status quo of influencer marketing. It’s fun, stylish, and it’s nice to be reminded that the reality of being an influencer might not be as glamourous as it appears in our feeds. Diesel was brave enough to do this despite the fact that apparel brands have to keep influencers close for sales and promotions.

4. What’s on your bucket list?

My favourite thing is making music on my computer. One day I’d love to have an actual singer sing my songs, and to also have my own music used for an ad.

5. Who’s on your dream dinner guest list (alive or dead)?

I would give anything to have dinner with my two grandfathers and grandmother again so that I could introduce them to my wife, whom they never had the chance to meet before they passed away.

6. Analog or digital?

While many things around me are completed digitally, I prefer analog for friendships and brainstorming creative ideas. It’s important to give brainstorming a good atmosphere and pace, and I think we cannot move at the same speed, even with today’s up to date technology, so I’m definitely an analog person. During Covid, e-parties were all rage but nothing beats drinking with friends in person.

7. Do you work best under pressure, or when things are calm?

I thrive in calm, but who gets this luxury anymore?

8. What advice would you give to 10-year-old you, if you could?

I would like to tell my younger self that there is no one right answer in the world and that eventually, it all works out. Regardless of where you land, it is essential to do what you love, choose your own path, stay true to your goals, only then can you accomplish them.  

9. How would your co-workers describe you?

A multi-person—there’s more than one dimension and layer to me. I work in both creative and strategic planning depending on the project. Sometimes I’m in charge of both and hold a background in account, media, and technology related fields.

10. What would you do on your perfect day?

It’s always ideal to go camping with my wife and friends. During the day, we’d play outside and paint. At night, I would cook my best dishes and we’d eat around an open fire, listening to music, laughing and drinking.

11. What’s your favourite music or film of the past year, and why? asia%2fcontent%2fBlue is The Warmest Color Poster HD Wallpaper

I watched the 2013 French film “Blue Is the Warmest Colour” this year. It’s beautifully intense and about a teenager’s deeply personal odyssey of self-discovery. The impact of this movie is such that even though it was about three hours in duration, it doesn’t feel that long. There’s something special about the way the camera blocks in this film. It communicates human emotions distinctly and clearly.

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