Heritage lingerie brand Triumph debuts a new line of bras—inspired by and made for the confident modern-day Filipina.

There are many things to consider when shopping for a bra, but the main factor to consider is comfort. After all, a good bra should fit your body seamlessly as it lifts and shapes your bust line for that ideal silhouette. What’s more, a good bra should be able to rise to the occasion—whether that includes a strenuous workout, a busy day at the office, or even a casual day at home.

And with a good bra, confidence comes forth in comfort.

Understanding the women’s ever-present need for comfort and confidence—one that starts with the very bra they wear—heritage lingerie brand Triumph debuted a new line of bras that were made for the Filipina women through a Facebook live series: Inspiring ComforTalks.

Sensual, stylish, and confident. With over 125 years in the business of tailoring female confidence, German-based brand Triumph comes backed with experience—not only in creating lingerie and shapewear, but also in making women look and feel good.

Triumph Comfortalks

Triumph Over Life’s Battles

Inspiring ComforTalks is a Facebook Live show hosted by Issa Litton with confident Filipinas Melissa Benipayo and Patricia Bobadilla as guests. An intimate afternoon spent with the three ladies revealed that just like all of us, they didn’t have it easy because of the pandemic. For example, Melissa shared the struggles she faced after leaving her corporate job to become a stay-at-home mom, while Patricia described her struggles with health, given a strenuous 6-day work week.

A demanding schedule, juggling between family and day-to-day responsibilities is something that most women can relate to. And while not all everyday battles are the same, we all seek solace in comfort. That includes investing in the right underwear, which provides the right kind of support—both figuratively and literally.

“The right bra makes all the difference. You’ll feel comfortable and supported and ready to tackle whatever obstacles lay in front of you,” Mel explained, when asked about her secret to achieving confidence.

Triumph 3

Come Forth in Comfort

Inspired by women, made for women. With that in mind, Triumph introduced a Non-wired Edit bra for that seamless, invisible fit—one that is breathable and promises comfort. “The Invisible Inside Out bra vanishes in the necklines and underarms with totally smooth edges. Even for my white shirts for casual wear, it is modestly covered,” Mel enthuses.

Likewise, Pat echoes her sentiments, adding that wired bras are the bane of every woman’s existence, as they can be restrictive and uncomfortable in the long run. This is where Triumph’s Aqua Jade push-up bra comes in. Not only does it make your breasts look fuller and perkier, but it too helps create a perfect silhouette. Truly the epitome of confidence!

Triumph 1
Triumph’s Invisible Inside Out bra
Triumph 2
Triumph’s Aqua Jade push-up bra

With comfort comes confidence. In line with Triumph’s promise to deliver bras that give you worry-free support, security, and of course, style, take Melissa and Patricia’s advice: to always let comfort be one of your non-negotiables. Always choose underwear that makes you feel like your comfident self as you triumph over life’s many challenges.


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