‘Choose Thrilling’: 4 Reasons Jessica “Paope” Wang Chooses the Porsche Macan

A firm believer that a person doesn’t have to be limited to just one label, but rather can indulge in multiple passions and interests and still succeed, founder of Bebekery Jessica “Paope” Wang shares they key reasons why the Porsche Macan is her ideal ride.

Bringing together the best of digitalisation, comfort, and that tantalising sports-car nous, the Porsche Macan is especially designed for an exceptional driving experience. On the one hand, you have a strong sports car feel — one that goes from futuristic and highly ergonomic design codes, to cutting-edge technological elements.

A model that proves the word Porsche and SUV can go hand-in-hand, the Porsche Macan makes an ideal choice for accomplished, go-getting personalities. In other words, figures like Paope. The young and charismatic new star of Thailand’s culinary scene, Paope shares with us the key reasons why Porsche Macan marks the perfect choice for her.

It’s Functional & Perfect for Every Situation.

“I think the Porsche Macan is really functional, and it also isn’t too big,” Paope explains, highlighting how the Macan is a good choice because of how it combines the typical Sports Car performance, with the comforts of an SUV — not to mention the fact that it’s a car that really fits her busy lifestyle. “I need a car that has a lot of space when I go out, to fit all my stuff, so capacity is really important to me. Even though the capacity is big enough, it’s also the perfect size for city life and hectic traffic.”

It’s Value for Money

“The price of a Porsche is reasonable for what you get,” she tells us simply, “it’s value for money. When picking a car, the appearance gets my attention first. Does it look heavy? Is it fashionable? Does it fit my style and personality? On this front, the Porsche Macan is really unique compared to other SUVs.” This element of originality is something Paope finds integral to success. “Whether it’s cooking, or anything you’re doing really, I think the key to a good result is to put your heart into coming up with something that is truly unique, and expresses who you are. When I’m cooking, even if it’s a small dish, I always try to think of ways to make them unique — a dessert could be savoury, or you could make a perfectly normal dish, but give it an unexpected twist.”

It’s Versatile — Much Like Paope Herself

“I’m like my cooking, I like to defy expectations,” Paope admits with a laugh. “Many know me as a chef, but I believe a person doesn’t need to have only one label. I also really love fashion, and I’ve launched my own brand. Having many interests is very normal in this day and age, and when it comes to choosing the car I drive, I also enjoy versatility. When you drive the Porsche Macan, it feels like you’re driving a sports car — it doesn’t feel like an SUV.”

It’s Fast

“Something people may not know about me is that I really love fast cars. I love the thrill you get when you drive them. I also like sports cars, so the engine must feel like a sports car when I drive it. I think the Porsche Macan, which manages to be as thrilling as a sports car, and as functional as an SUV, suits my lifestyle in this way. I also like how you can customise it.”

Find out more about the Porsche Macan at porsche.com.

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