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China’s share of the world’s large display market is expected to exceed 50 percent for the first time ever. This year, Samsung Display and LG Display pull the plug on their LCD panel businesses due to declining profitability, letting China further strengthened its LCD market dominance.

Large-area display shipments this year are estimated at 894 million units, down 8 percent from 976 million units in the previous year, said market research firm Omdia on Dec. 16. Shipments based on display areas are also expected to decrease by 3 percent on year.

Omdia said IT displays, such as those for tablet PCs, notebook PCs and monitors, led the decline in shipments this year. TV manufacturers have also reduced panel procurement since the second quarter.

Chinese companies are strengthening their stranglehold on the large-size display market. China’s large-size display shipments are projected to account for 55.2 percent this year, outdistancing 24.9 percent of Taiwanese display makers and 14.7 percent of Korean display makers. In area-based shipments, China’s share is expected to reach 61.3 percent. During the same period, only 17.1 percent was projected for Taiwan and 15.4 percent for Korea.

In terms of shipments by company, China’s BOE is expected to rank first with a 33.1 percent share, followed by China’s Innolux with a 13.3 percent. In terms of area-based shipments, BOE ranked first with 26.1 percent and China Star second with 17.4 percent.

Korean display makers are expected to reorganize their business portfolios to focus on high value-added products.

Chinese display makers are in hot pursuit of Korean display makers in the OLED panel domain, where Korean display makers have technological prowess. DSCC, a market research firm, predicted that China will account for 47 percent of OLED panel production in 2025, running shoulder to shoulder with Korea.

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