SINGAPORE: FairPrice has directed its Cheers franchisee to dismiss its employee following a dispute between the worker and the police at Lau Pa Sat on New Year’s Day

In an updated statement, a FairPrice spokesperson said that Cheers immediately placed its staff member on administrative leave and conducted an investigation after it was alerted to the incident.

“We have since spoken with the staff and assessed the incident and have instructed our franchisee to dismiss the staff,” the spokesperson said on Wednesday (Jan 4). 

“All staff, regardless of whether they are employed by franchisees, are required to comply with the authorities. We do not tolerate acts from staff who seek to undermine the authority of the police.”

Five videos of the incident, which took place inside the convenience store at about 8pm, were uploaded to social media platform TikTok by user confederateginger.

The videos showed the user, who identifies himself as Jonathan in his profile, recording his verbal exchange with three police officers. 

In the videos, the user could be heard informing the police that a “drunk guy” had entered the store to cause trouble. He also alleged that the man used vulgarities and impersonated a police officer. 

A police officer could be heard asking the TikTok user for his identification card. However, Jonathan refused and asked the officers why he was required to show his ID.

The police said in a statement on Tuesday that preliminary investigations revealed that comments about race and nationality, and verbal threats, were allegedly exchanged prior to their arrival.

Two men, aged 29 and 64, are assisting with ongoing police investigations. No injuries were reported. 

“We do not tolerate acts from staff who seek to undermine the authority of the police. We apologise for the public concern this incident has caused.”



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